Kera-Kundanpur Youth Wing

The Kera Kundanpur Youth Wing (KKYW) organisation was established in October 1994 by a handful of dedicated members of Kera-Kundanpur ghaam. The number one aim was to bring young stars of our community in the UK together once a week to participate in various sporting activities. The number of dedicated members has rapidly grown over the years allowing the club to be successful and thriving with members ranging from 5 to 50+ years old.

As with all ambitious projects, hard work and effort was required from the founders of KKYW to put in place a solid foundation. The key objectives were to provide sports activities suitable for all ages. After searching all corners of the local area we found Aspire National Training Centre, Brockley Hill, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4LP. The centre is purpose built for disabled patients and rehabilitation making for easy access around the building. This is an ideal sports facility for those with a disability and is an advantage for others, for example the attention to mperature control in the swimming pool. KKYW pre-books the Aspire centre and has exclusive access to the centre every Saturday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm creating a fun, safe and secure atmosphere for its members. There are also some non-members who come to the club to enjoy a leisurely game of cards; this has grown increasingly popular with the older generation. Many members also look forward to the refreshments on offer at the cafe which has been effectively run by our dedicated members.

Toensure our members receive the most benefit from a particular sport, we hire fully qualified and professional instructors in yoga, gym, tae-kwon-do and badminton. Some of our own members have also taken the initiative tobecome qualified football coaches to be able to train our young enthusiastic players to allow them to reach their full potential. Our priorities lie within our members which is why we are happy to assist in their sporting activities. Now more than ever following a fit and healthy lifestyle is of greater importance to build stepping stones for a healthy future. We are aware that sport means different things to different people which is why we have a diverse range of sports to caterfor the interests of everyone. The centre enables this in the form of arelaxing yoga session to an action-packed spin class.

the year we organise various events outside Aspire where we also welcome non-members. These events includes our much anticipated annual KKYW Christmas party and summer sports and BBQ day. Other successful past events have been tours to Switzerland and France and also to Spain.In addition we regularly hold Dinner and Dances, day trips to the seaside, Thames cruise and a trip to see the Yonex All England Badminton Championship finals.

Now that you know about KKYW, why don’t you come along and enjoy our complementary one month membership to get a taste of what we have to offer. You are welcome to bring your family and friends to meet our members who are proud to represent KKYW and who feel a sense of belonging to this prestigious youth club. For more information about KKYW please do not hesitate to contact any committee members.

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