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KKYW Badminton Tournament 2017 Rules and Regulations


● Yonex AS20 Feather shuttlecocks will be used throughout the day.
● All games will be played in accordance with the rules/regulations of the game as available on the Badminton Association of England Website – (http://www.bwfbadminton.org/file.aspx?id=680849&dl=1)
● We request all clubs to wear their club t-shirts or uniform for club identification purposes.
● Line calls and other calls should be left with the players on the court to decide, in the event of any disagreement, the umpire will decide if a let is to be played. Line judges will be appointed for semi-finals and finals
● The Umpire will complete the scorecard for each match.
● Games will be played with the new scoring system whereby each serve will result in a point increment
● All games will be played first to 21 and on deuce of 20 – 20, difference of two points or else first to 30 points wins the game. Games which go to 30 will be awarded as 21-19 to the winning pairs.
● No games of zero points (games will be fully played to 21 points).
● Only non-marking shoes should be worn on the badminton court.
● During the game if the shuttlecock hits the roof or anything attached to it, it is a foul.
● No one from outside of the court is to be involved in line calls (either supporter or player).
● All participating clubs are required to nominate two playing members from the club who are allowed to approach the organisers with queries on the day. No other club members or supporters are to approach the organisers with any sort of queries.
● The organisers will appoint umpires and their decision will be final. Umpires will usually cover the entire match however they may be called to play their game and hence may be substituted.
● Team pairs cannot be changed after the registration even in the event of injury.
● All the pairs are requested to be on their respective court five minutes prior to their next game. Players will be allowed a grace of two minutes lateness after which they will lose 5 points and after 5 minutes the game will be forfeited and a bye will be given with 21 – 10. In the event both pairs failing to show then a coin toss (head/tails) decides the winner.
● To allow quick turnaround of the matches with minimal disruption no supporters (except score boys) will be allowed on the badminton court during the group game matches. Any pair or club found to be breaking this rule will be given a warning. After two warnings, the club will be disqualified.
● The organisers reserve the right to alter the time of any match at any time.
● Any act of vandalism, destruction or foul language caused by the participating players or their supporters will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

● Consumption of non-vegetarian food, alcohol and cigarette (including e-cigarettes) smoking / spitting of tobacco are not permitted on the premises.
● Individuals attending the tournament do so at their own responsibility and liability. The organisers will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury incurred.
● The management reserves the right to alter any decision at their discretion.
● Individuals attending KKYW events may be photographed and/or videoed for use to promote the organisations work across various media.
● No flash photography/video will be allowed in the badminton courts, club supporters found taking flash photography/video will be asked to leave the ground and their club will be disqualified.

Rules are final, however if you have any problems please do speak to the organisers to assist you as much as possible.

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